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“The service was excellent, delivery was prompt and no fuss. He doesn’t try to sell you something your not after, but listens to your needs. Very happy with the service.”

5 Star Container Sale & Hire Services

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“No sooner had I paid for my container it was sitting in my back yard. Highly recommend Container Sales for thier great service”

5 Star Container Sale & Hire Services

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“Great service.David was very helpful.”

5 Star Container Sale & Hire Services

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Frequently Asked
Container Hire & Rental Questions

Can I modify my hire container ?

Above all, we offer a range of containers for hire and even sometimes have modified containers for hire. However, to sum it up simply, please don’t modify or tamper with your hire container otherwise discussed with your sales representative.

What If I'm Hiring A Container For A Relocation ?

That is okay, we allow the relocation of hire containers but we will need to be made aware of this in the initial enquiry, with the desired address.
Our Team will need to be updated on the location of the container, before, and once moved.

How do I rent a storage container?

To begin the rental process, please choose your container online and complete the form, you will need a valid Master card or Visa and you will need to fill out a rental agreements. Once this is done, we can usually deliver your hired container with in 24 to 48 hours.

How do I choose the right location for placing a shipping container?

You need to consider the following factors when choosing your location for a shipping container:

  • Size of Area
    You need to have enough space for the container and the delivery truck to access and manoeuvre.
  • Ground Stability
    You need to have a level and firm ground that can support the weight of the container and prevent it from sinking or tilting.
  • Footings
    You need to have a suitable footings for the container to sit on, such as wooden beams, concrete piers, concrete pad, or piles.
  • Council Permits
    Council permits are not normally required when the rental container is on your property. But if your neighbours are not happy with it & are likely to complain – this may cause some problems. Speak to your neighbours first and if in doubt, ask your local council.

How do I prepare my site for a shipping container delivery?

Recommended to level the ground on the site and clear away any obstructions or hazards gets in the way of placement. You have the option of placing your supplied footings or foundation for the container.

Do we need to place anything under the container?

Generally not, the container floor sits about 10cm off the ground. If you would like to elevate the container we suggest railway sleepers. Make sure you advise the truck driver when your container arrives.